Developing Biomedical Ontologies

The workshop will cover introduction to knowledge engineering methods. Basic components of an ontology and ontology web language (OWL), Building ontologies with protege. Using ontology repositories, Querying ontologies using SPARQL, Best practices for ontology development including introduction to Basic Formal Ontology

Epidemiological Modelling

The workshop will cover Compartmental models including SIR and SEIR, Epidemic Behavior (Equilibria and Stability, Epidemiological thresholds and the basic reproductive number), More complicated models including indirect transmission, Connecting models to data.

Excursion to Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park famed for the largest gathering of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Asia is situated about one and a half hours drive from the conference venue. The park consists of a variety of habitats ranging from dry mixed evergreen forests, grasslands to wetlands. The parks’ major attraction, the elephant gathering where about 150-200 elephants gather to feed on the fresh grass on the dry exposed lakebed is a spectacular event observed during the dry season. Apart from the elephants, the park is also home to the elusive leopard and sloth bear and other mammals such as sambar deer, spotted deer, fishing cat, wild boar, three species of monkeys and slender loris. Moreover, the park is a haven for numerous water birds that are associated with the wetlands and is one of the biggest attractions next to the elephant gathering. Hence, a visit to the Minneriya National Park would be a memorable, once in a lifetime experience for any foreign or local traveller

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